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Studebaker in the Woods II - Lisa Faire Graham Fine Art Photography - Pix Synergy LLC

Studebaker in the Woods II

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An abandoned 1940s-era Studebaker pickup truck, captured from the driver's side perspective, as it slumbers quietly underneath a canopy of oaks and pines in rural Lake County, Florida. Decades ago, this location was thriving with activity, as steam trains rumbled in to load cargo from a packing house nestled along the tracks before continuing onward. Farmers, railroad workers, and employees of the packing house lived within the small community, and their children attended the nearby one-room schoolhouse. My dad knew the original owner of the Studebaker, whose wife was a schoolteacher and she also sold baked goods to workers in the packing house. Years later, the State purchased the area to create a wildlife preserve and a bike path has replaced the former railroad bed.
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