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Classic Vehicles Reimagined Gallery

This collection of images features iconic cars and trucks expressed in two distinctive ways:

Rust Works is my artistic interpretation of abandoned vehicles impacted by the ravages of land, water, nature and time. By featuring the vehicles in color amid a background of black-and-white foliage, I draw a comparison between a vehicle's deteriorative descent amid the ascent of nature. People often wonder why some vehicles are left to deteriorate without being restored. In many cases, they are quiet testimonies to the thriftiness of owners simply making do with what they had by "harvesting" needed parts to repair other vehicles.

Painterly Classics features my "photo art" of reimagining vehicles through artistic composition, application of painterly photographic techniques, layers, patterns, and digital hand-coloring to develop a creative story.

The goal of these projects is for the viewer to achieve a feeling of being within the scene, experiencing discovery and appreciation for a vehicle's hidden beauty and character.